Washington D.C. – Tonight Congressman Michael McCaul (R-TX), Lead Republican of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, appeared live on Fox News’ “The Story” with Martha MacCallum to provide an update on next steps for coronavirus related legislation and the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) role in the spread of coronavirus. Key highlights are below.

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On next steps for coronavirus legislation: I think the Senate will take it up as early as tonight, then it will go over to the House. The Senate did a good job stripping all of Pelosi’s wish list items like the Green New Deal, and making it more coronavirus related. All of the things she put in there not related to the virus itself. It will come over to the House for an up or down vote, it’s my hope that it passes overwhelmingly. This is no time to play politics, there are people dying out there and America and the world are in a crisis. This is about small businesses and the economy. We have a cash flow problem, a liquidity problem, we are going to infuse cash to these small businesses so they don’t have to shut down. We are also going to give direct payments to low and middle income working Americans out there, distressed industries, and the hospitals so they stay afloat.

On the CCP’s role in the spread of coronavirus: When I examined what happened I ask how did we get to this point? What really happened to put us in a global pandemic? And as I studied Wuhan in early December, the doctors working on these cases were warning that there were different viruses. The Chinese Communist Party attempted to cover this up over time, they detained the doctors and they got retractions, when in fact what they were saying was actually real. It wasn’t reported to the World Health Organization until December 31st and after that on January 1st, the Chinese Communist Party shut down the laboratory and destroyed the samples. There has been a pattern here of covering up, they went so far to say this was not a human to human transmission. There were [millions of people] traveling to Wuhan during their festival,  domestically, internationally and now we are stuck with the global pandemic. I think this is the worst coverup in human history.