Washington D.C. – Congressman Michael McCaul (R-TX), Republican Leader of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, joined Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” with Ed Henry to discuss the need for Director General Tedros to resign from the World Health Organization (WHO).

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On conditioning future funding to the WHO: I think the president is right. The WHO and specifically Tedros, the Director General has been a puppet of China throughout this pandemic. Early on the WHO, after the SARS outbreak, required a 24 hour notification under their international rules. The Chinese Communist Party completely defied that and they covered it up through the month of December. They arrested and detained eight doctors and silenced them.  All the while the WHO has warnings that this is actually human to human transmission- Taiwan warned them and the WHO expert out of Wuhan actually warned the WHO itself that it was human to human. It was covered up and then it went up from an epidemic to a global pandemic. They have a responsibility on their hands. If they don’t clean their act up and have an independent investigation, I think the president is right in saying we are not going to waste taxpayer dollars toward the organization.

On the need for Tedros to resign: I sent a letter to the President along with Members on my Committee, the Foreign Affairs Committee, asking for his resignation. I don’t see how you can possibly have an independent investigation by the WHO if they are involved in this and with Tedros at the helm of the ship. [His] number one job is to alert the world as to a global pandemic. He utterly failed in that mission and is responsible for the situation that we’re in right now. I would argue that he has to leave before the WHO can conduct any sort of independent investigation. And Ed, I also question whether the Chinese Communist Party will really allow independent scientists into Wuhan, particularly after they destroyed a lot of the evidence that would point us to where the origins took place. Was it the wildlife wet market or is it the laboratory, biological facility? We may never know the answer but we do know that [the WHO] failed in their job to alert the world.