Washington D.C. –Today, House Foreign Affairs Committee Lead Republican Michael McCaul (R-TX) appeared live on Fox Business’ “Making Money with Charles Payne” to discuss the latest news on Iran, particularly the Republican-led resolution to show support for the Iranian people who are demanding accountability from the brutal regime. 

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On Republican’s resolution to show support for the Iranian people: “It is a resolution, sort of telling the Iranian people and the protesters in Iran that we support them, the American people have their back, and as the President of the United States pointed out, warn the regime not to kill these protesters, and time and time again they turn the internet off and they kill these protesters. They’re standing up for freedom, democracy, and we have to stand up for that principle anytime we can. Unfortunately Kevin and I tried to get this to have consideration on the floor just an hour ago and Democrats shot it down. They would not allow a vote on this resolution.”

On the President rightfully taking out Soleimani: “It is very discouraging, Charles. I’ll tell you, when Bin Laden was killed, we came together, Republicans and Democrats, as Americans and we applauded that decision and unfortunately, they’re putting partisan politics first in this case. Soleimani was a mastermind of terror for over two decades. The point, the question is, when is enough, enough? I was in the White House when the President had to decide how am I going to respond to the UAV drone being shot down? The President has shown great restraint not to hit Iran, even though they have had strike after strike. Then once they killed an American, and wounded four soldiers, once they attacked our embassy, you have to ask the question, how many Americans have to die? How many embassies have to be attacked, before the President should respond? I think he was absolutely correct in his decision.”

On de-escalation and bringing Iran to the table: “Now I think he [President Trump] offered this, basically to NATO, “I want to work with you. I want to open up diplomatic channels with you.” So I think there is a window of opportunity to go the diplomacy route which is what the President wants. He told me does not want to start a war. He wants to end wars. He wants to have a better negotiation than the JCPOA.”