Washington D.C. – Today, Congressman Michael McCaul (R-TX), Lead Republican of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, appeared live on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” with Ed Henry to discuss the Chinese Communist Party’s coronavirus coverup and the World Health Organization’s culpability in the spread of the virus. 

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On the CCP’s coverup: I’ve been investigating this for months and it’s clear that the Chinese Communist Party was engaged in what I call the worst cover-up in human history, causing death and destruction. We know when this virus first appeared back in mid-November, the Chinese Communist Party went in and detained eight of the doctors who were sounding the alarm that we had a different kind of virus here that was more lethal. They detained those doctors and got retractions from them. After that point in time they ordered the laboratory to destroy lab samples in an attempt to cover up and also control the investigation. Then, you go into the January time frame and it becomes very interesting because at that time you have not only the doctors, but Taiwan and the WHO medical personnel in Wuhan warning the WHO, and now we just found out an internal communist party memo from within in January at a very high level, warning that there was in fact human-to-human transmission. Then finally, there’s a festival going on in China at that time called the Spring Festival. Millions of people from China traveled internationally. This could have been stopped. This could have been contained but instead now, we now have a global pandemic.

On the WHO’s culpability: And then getting to the WHO, after all this evidence is before them they meet to determine if they should issue an international public health emergency. They are gridlocked and Director General Tedros is the one who cast the tiebreaker deciding not to warn the world that we have a global pandemic on our hands. 

On the need for Dr. Tedros to resign: I think the WHO has a responsible role to play [in the world], but I don’t think it can carry that out with its current leadership, with Director General Tedros. He is really a puppet of the Chinese Communist Party, he touted the one China policy against Taiwan and would not allow Taiwan into the WHO. He gave speeches in China and when he was Foreign Minister in Ethiopia they received billions of dollars of foreign assistance. There are so many ties to Tedros and the Communist Party. I’m not saying doing away with the WHO, I think the WHO has an important role to play but we can’t have any confidence in the WHO moving forward as long as Tedros is at the top. I think it’s time to condition funding for the WHO based on his resignation.