Poaching helps fund terrorists & criminals, so I'm glad to see that anti-poaching laws in China & U.S. will take effect in 2017. -ER









Shark fins, elephant tusks and rhino horns have long been a gold mine for gangsters and, increasingly, a key source of funding for terror networks.  We’re talking about $10 billion annually.

The good news is that China, in part due to pressure from Chairman Royce and Congress, has announced steps to go from being the “biggest source of the problem – as the largest market in illegal wildlife products – to becoming a major part of the solution.”

Indeed, in recent weeks, China has announced action that could be:

  • “A lifeline to shark populations.”  “Air China has become the first airline in mainland China to ban shark fin cargo… throwing a lifeline to shark populations threatened with imminent extinction.” (Washington Post, 1/9/17)
  • “A game changer for Africa’s elephants.” “China says it plans to shut down its ivory trade by the end of 2017, in a move designed to curb the mass slaughter of elephants… The number of Africa’s savannah elephants dropped by about 30 percent from 2007 to 2014…” (Associated Press, 12/30/16)

Chairman Royce has long been a leader in the fight to stop wildlife trafficking and poaching.

Cracking down on the criminals and terrorists who run this black market is key to saving the world’s most iconic wildlife for future generations.  And it will help keep America safe.

With the support of a broad, bipartisan coalition, Chairman Royce’s END Wildlife Trafficking Act (H.R. 2494) became law last October.  Notably, this legislation puts wildlife trafficking on par with weapons trafficking and drug trafficking, and holds foreign governments involved in this dangerous trade accountable.

Still, there is much more work to be done – including here at home.  Last June, Chairman Royce sponsored legislation to ban domestic possession, sale, and purchase of shark fins to ensure the United States sets an example for the world.

Chairman Royce will keep up this fight in the year ahead, and press foreign countries – starting with China – to make good on their promises to help stop poaching and trafficking.

Proud to have sponsored this legislation. Eliminating the market for #sharkfins means less sharks killed in an unimaginably inhumane manner.