Chairman Royce joined Wolf Blitzer on CNN this afternoon to discuss the latest on Syria in the wake of the abhorrent chemical attack carried out by the Assad regime last week.  Here’s what the chairman had to say about Assad and his Russian enablers:

“Putin is – and should be – embarrassed by exactly what was done here by Assad.  And I say that with assurance because a day after Assad’s forces launched that attack I was given the information which is clear cut.  We monitored the flight of that air wing… [as it] flew over the target and dropped a chemical weapon on that target. 

“Assad was caught here red-handed… Putin had given us assurances that Assad, as part of this deal, would give up his chemical weapons.   That’s what this is about.  And that’s why two days later… our strikes of Tomahawk missiles took out 23 of Assad’s planes.”