Washington-Representative Eliot L. Engel, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and Representatives Levin, Lee, Shalala, Meeks, Clarke, Espaillat, Sires, Omar, Jeffries, and Wilson today issued the following joint statement on the one-year anniversary of the La Saline Massacre in Haiti: 

“One year ago, over a four-day period, armed gangs killed at least 71 Haitians in the La Saline Massacre.  The gangs also brutalized women and children, and destroyed over 400 homes, leaving many displaced and in precarious living conditions. Yet, despite credible reporting from Haitian human rights groups, the United Nations, and the country’s judicial police, those implicated have not faced charges for these gruesome attacks, leaving the victims and families without the justice they deserve.

“We continue to stand with the Haitian people in demanding justice and accountability for the crimes committed against the people of La Saline. We recognize the continued trauma experienced by those displaced by the violence and call on the Haitian government to ensure their protection from further abuses by armed gangs in the area.

“Unfortunately, La Saline is but one example of the violence that has gripped Haiti in recent years. We remain committed to supporting the human rights of all individuals in Haiti and call on the Haitian government and justice system to hold accountable those responsible for the La Saline Massacre and other acts of violence.” 

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